Start your journey as a licensed esthetician with Anderson College

An esthetician (or aesthetician) performs a variety of treatments for clients, ranging from straightforward beauty treatments, such as applying make-up, to quasi-medical skincare and other remedies and treatments. Many estheticians also administer aromatherapy, as well as manicures and pedicures, but the primary focus is on dermatology, that is, skincare. In addition, most estheticians carry out some clerical tasks, such as making appointments and so forth.

Licensed estheticians have the advantage of being able to prove that they have undertaken basic training and are thus able to competently deal with all the most common procedures that are expected of an esthetician, as well as some of the more complex or unusual treatments that may sometimes arise. Training will also include learning how to properly clean, care for and maintain equipment and treatment rooms. A licensed esthetician is thus able to take on a huge variety of tasks, increasing their employability and helping them to win over clients and perform their job to a high standard.

Working as a licensed esthetician is a great way to combine an interest in beauty and healthcare with a new set of skills. You'll need to be a people person with excellent communication skills so that you can reassure patients and keep them relaxed, and also provide them with up to date medical and beauty advice. You'll often be working in a clinic as part of a team with several other people providing various kinds of treatments, so you'll need to be a team player, too. Many estheticians are self-employed, so being self-motivated and able to attract clients is also a valuable skill.

If that all sounds like you, you can get on the top esthetician course Toronto has to offer at Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology. The college is among the top vocational colleges in the country and has a proven track record of getting its graduates into great jobs in their area of expertise. With training and advice from Anderson College, thousands of people have gone on to great careers in all kinds of professions, including estheticians. When you receive your diploma, you'll find doors opening for you at all kinds of workplaces, including spas, beauty salons, resorts even cruise liners! In other words you'll have your pick of how and where to work. Your skills and knowledge can lead you into all kinds of different areas.

Apply today to start your journey and become one of hundreds of students working toward a better life with Anderson College. You can start with a free class by heading over to their website, where you'll also find information about funding, admissions and answers to any other questions you might have about the college and the potential career paths ahead of you.




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